Thomas´ Rallycross-Models

Thomas lives about 20km south of the Estering Circuit (Buxtehude) and is a regular visitor of the RX-happenings since the 70ies. Within the last 5 years the visits have been extended to the neighbour countries such as Denmark, Belgium and the Netherlands. For some years now Thomas has further on discovered the joy of building rallycross cars in model size (Scale 1:18), which is a result of his long year love for the motorsport as well as his profession.
This way over the years Thomas has built himself quite a collection of model cars.

All his models are on a scale of 1:18. And although his collection had been originally intended only for his own living room, by now his models can be found at some RX-drivers as well as at some similar 'infected' fans of the RX-'Virus'. The collection mainly offer Division 1 cars of the German / Danish and the European Championship, but also has some spectacular Division 1A cars as well as some exotic cars of the German Division 4 and the Super National cars.

After putting the models to pieces at first the are being sandblasted, as next thing necessary modifications at the (car-)body are made. By using the airbrush-technique the new colours are being put on the model. Once works are done, self-made stickers come on the cars, with a similar technique like they use for the real cars of the RX-drivers.